You would now be able to attempt real Arabic food from Faislabad. Because they are just providing you Matam Al Bukhari Faisalabad. This spot is renowned for its assortment of Mandi which is fundamentally an Arabic dish. You will get the chicken Mandi, lamb Mandi, and numerous other Arabic dishes from this spot. The flavor of its items is just about as same as the flavor of any Arabic food. Aside from this, they additionally have an assortment of BBQ particularly Arabic Kebab, and significantly more. Now is the time to check the details of the menu card and the rates from here.

Matam Al Bukhari Faisalabad

The Matam Al Bukhari is offering bona fide Arabic dishes to the foodies of Faislabad. This spot isn’t just offering chicken and sheep Mandi yet additionally offering fish Mandi, and considerably more. Thus, to taste fish in a recent trend then you can taste fish Mandi from this spot. Aside from fish Mandi, they additionally have barbecue fish.

Matam Al Bukhari Menu Card:

From this restaurant, you will get Chicken Mandi, Mutton Mandi, Chicken Madabi, Khabsa Chicken, Kebabs, and much more. We are recommending you see the complete Menu card along with the rates. It may come to know about the offerings and prices of each dish. Tempting images of the food are also shared here.

Matam al bukhari menu

Matam Al Bukhari Specialty:

If you want to know the special item of this place then see the tempting images from here. The way of cooking food is the specialty of this place. You will love to have the food when you get tired of eating the same thing with the same taste.

Matam al bukhari menu

Matam Al Bukhari Images:

Now is the time to see the lovely images of this place. The beauty of the restaurant will describe the purity of this place. Now make sure to have the food from this place.

Matam Al Bukhari Contact Number:

Call on the given numbers to get the complete details.

0305 8881948

Matam Al Bukhari Address:

For the address must see the below side.

Thatha Pul, Wapda Colony Rd, Farooqabad Mansoorabad, Faisalabad, Punjab

Matam Al Bukhari Location:

Now see the Google pin map location for your easiness.

Khushabi Tikka Faisalabad

All of you can see the details of Matam Al Bukhari Faisalabad. Just check the menu card and the updated rates from the below side. Now you can see the further details from here. The main page has all the desired information in detail.

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