Those who are looking for McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys This Week Pakistan can check from this website. McDonald’s Pakistan is the only restaurant that offers toys with their happy meals. People love to visit such places because their kids eat food in order to get a free toy. McDonald’s changes its toys every week so people who visit on regular basis will not get the same toys. So, if you have recently visited this place and not sure which toy is being offered by this place this week then you can check from this website. We regularly update their toys on weekly basis, so all the information will be correct. One more thing, you can visit any branch of McDonald’s Pakistan and you will get the same toy mentioned on the below side.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys This Week Pakistan

McDonald’s is one of the most favorite fast food restaurants of kids. Kids love to visit this place because they offer free toys with their happy meals. That is the main reason that when it comes to a favorite restaurant of kids in Pakistan, they always choose McDonald’s. So, currently, we are talking about McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys that you can check from the below side.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2022:

People who are looking for McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2022 must have to know that this place changes toys on a weekly and monthly basis. So, if you want to check the toy with a happy meal then we have shared the latest McDonald’s toy of the week that you can check from the below side.

Happy Meal Toy This Week Pakistan:

There are two options for kids including a toy and a book. So, if you want to get a toy with your Happy Meal and want to know Happy Meal Toy this week Pakistan then checks from here. This week you will get Dragon with your happy meal.

Happy Meal Toys This Week Pakistan

Happy Meal Books:

As I already mentioned that you have two options either to get a toy or a book. McDonald’s Pakistan partnered with international kids author Cressida Cowell to provide adventure books. So, there is a total of 12 Treetop Twins adventures books that you can get with your meal.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys This Week Pakistan

What Are the Next McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys?

A true McDonald’s lover always remains in search of new toys. People love to get the answer of what are the next McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys? If you are also looking for the same thing then you need to check it from the below table.

January Discovery Mind Blown Toys
February Fast & Furious Spy Racers/ Spirit Riding Free Toys
March Same as February
April Pikmi Pops/ Beyblade burst
May Trolls: World Tour toys
June Minions
July Minions
August Disney and Pixar Celebration Plush

Which McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys are Valuable?

Have you ever consider that which McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys are valuable? If not then you need to know that there is a proper team who work on selecting a perfect toy for kids. Most of the toys that you can get from this place are quite expensive. For example, their Hot Wheels’ estimated value is $40.

Happy Meal Toy March/ April 2022:

A fun way to learn about animals is here! Now get Top Trumps with every Happy Meal and let your little ones explore the Animal Kingdom. The last few days to get our hands on the Happy Meal toys! So hurry up and get them now.

Mcdonalds happy meal march

Happy Meal Toy May 2022:

Get ready for some mischievous fun with our all-new Happy Meal Hot Wheel toys. Hurry up and get your hands on them now. Order the happy meal now and get the May 2022 toys for your kids. Not only these different books are also given to the kids. so just go there and then enjoy the meal with the toys and books. Now get Sonic 2 toys with every Happy Meal and let the fun begin.

Mcdonalds happy meal

What Was the Most Popular Happy Meal Toy 2022?

McDonald’s has a long history of happy meal toys. If we talk about the last 40 years then their most popular happy meal toy list is as follows.

  • Hot Wheels
  • Transforming Food
  • Jerry The Minion
  • Snoopy
  • Potato head kids
  • Furby
  • Super Sonic
  • Fun Card Game

Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toy Today:

This is the main question that arises in the mind of all kids. So here we have an answer for those kids. Every month Mcdonald’s just brings new deals and even new exciting happy meal toys for kids. Now in the year 2022 Mcdonald’s has brought nutshell toys and potato head toys in the month of February, Looney Tones in March, Fun card game in April, and Super sonic toys in May. So every month you will get new Mcdonald’s happy meal deals and toys.

So, if you are still looking for McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys This Week Pakistan then you need to call on their hotline and confirm the toy. Elsewise, you can do comment on the below side and we will surely answer your questions as soon as possible.

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