When it comes to the best Kebabs in the world you can never ignore Adana kebabs. People ask Why Adana Kebabs Are So Famous In Pakistan. The reason is that no other kebab can beat Adana kebab in taste. IF we talk about the history of Adana kebabs then you will come to know that Adana is a place in Turkey. These Kebabs are also knowns as Kiyami kebab. Asides from this, if we talk about the overall history of Kebabs then the history of kebabs can be traced back to 1377 in turkey. Its recipe is written in the famous book The story of Joseph: Kyssa’i Yusuf. In this book, the kebab is mentioned as the food item.

Why Adana Kebabs Are So Famous In Pakistan

When it comes to Pakistan, there are different types of Kebabs available. You can find every type of Kebab from all around the world. The reason is that they love to adopt the dishes of other cultures and other regions. You can also find the famous Adana Kebabs in Pakistan too. So, now there is no need to go to Turkey to try these famous Kababs because you can find them in your own city. So, if we talk about why these Kebabs are best then the following reasons will surely clear your mind.

Why Adana Kababs Are So Famous In Pakistan


The first thing that makes Adana is one of the best kebabs is its juiciness. Adana is so juicy because they are slow-cooked kebabs that make it juicier. Furthermore, these kebabs are made from lamb meat so that is why they are not dried like chicken meat.


When you will bite an Adana kebab you will feel the softer chunks of meat in your mouth. As I already mentioned that these are the slow-cooked kebabs that are the reason that they are softer than other types of kebabs in Pakistan. You will surely love to eat these kebabs due to their juiciness and softness.

Longer than usual:

These Kebabs are longer than usual because, in Turkey, people make longer kebabs than in Pakistan. Most of the Pakistani try this because they are different from the normal size. After their first bite, they will never tend to any other type of Kebab.

Fewer Spices:

Turkish use fewer spices than Pakistanis. You can try any Turkish dish and it will be less spicy than a Pakistani item. Likewise, their special Adana Kebabs are also less spicy. The reason behind fewer spices is that they want to experience the real taste of meat rather than spices. So, when there will be low spices then you will enjoy the real taste of meat.

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No Acidity:

These Kebabs are made from Lamb meat and few spices like salt and some chili flakes. Chef uses the tail fat while making this Kebab so that it remains juicer and must not create acidity. These kebabs are so light that even a heart patient can eat them.


People love to eat Adana because of its origin because the love for Turkey can never better be expressed than eating Turkish food. This is one of the most common reasons that people eat Adana Kebabs because these Kebabs are from Turkey.

Best Turkish Restaurants

These are the reasons that why Adana kebabs are so famous in Pakistan. There are hundreds of restaurants in Pakistan that are offering these famous kebabs in Pakistan. On the above side, we have some of the links to the Turkish restaurants where you can find this famous dish. So, if you have any questions or want to give any suggestions then you can do comment on the below side. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Find us on Pinterest

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