You will wonder to know that how Ramadan Is the Month of Restaurant Booming in Pakistan. But, this is true that every restaurant sees a sales boom during this holiest month of Ramadan. People think that when people are fasting so it will decrease the sales but it’s totally wrong. No matter the restaurants remain close all day but still, if you compare the sales volume with normal days then you will wonder after seeing that there are more sales in Ramadan Karim than the other months of the year. Today we will tell you how it happens that you can check from the below side.

Ramadan Is The Month Of Restaurant Booming

Ramadan is the blessing month which is a gift from ALLAH to Muslims. During this month the Rizq of every individual increased by ALLAH Almighty. When ALLAH increases the Rizq of everyone, they start spending on food items. That is the reason that everyone strives to bring more and more food in Iftar than normal days. Even the workers who haven’t had many wages to enjoy a proper meal also get a chance to eat the best food during this month. So, when it comes to restaurants, people usually prefer to purchase eatables from hotels and restaurants instead of cooking at home. The ratio of customers dramatically increase during the period of iftar and this is the reason that is the reason the sales are more than normal days. Here are some other factors that help restaurants in the sales boom.

Sales Volume:

The very first reason behind the sales boom in restaurants is an increase in sales volume. There are many factors behind this sale increase including people want to eat the best food during Iftar and for this, they always order food from restaurants or visit restaurants. How does it happen? For example, a person works in an office and lives in a hostel. On normal days, when he goes back to his hostel, he cooks food for himself. But when it comes to Ramadan, he always prefers to order from a restaurant or try to purchase from hotels. Another example that you can consider is that people become tired after the hectic routine and they are also from fast. Their energies became down and they prefer to order food instead of cooking at home.


During this holiest month, people invite each other to their homes and restaurants for Ramadan treats. When they invite a person to their home, they want to feast them with good food and for the good food, they always consider the restaurants. On the other hand, there are also other people who don’t invite their friends and family to their homes and invite them to restaurants. This is also a good reason behind the sales boom.


The eating routine became change during this month. People eat at proper timings including sehri and Iftar. A normal person may skip a normal day meal but when it comes to Sehri or Iftar, he/ she unable to skip it.


We are Muslims and it is our belief that during the month of Ramadan Karim ALLAH Subhanwatallah put Barkat in our wealth. Further, people start spending their wealth on their families, friends, and neighbors. They try to gather more dishes on their table during Sehri and Iftar.

These are the reasons behind Ramadan Is the Month of Restaurant Booming in Pakistan. Don’t afraid from the fast that there will be no sale the whole day but believe in ALLAH who creates ways to increase your sales.

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