Today we are going to share Food Ordering Tips in Pakistan at any restaurant. People love to dine out in Pakistan and that is the reason that every day hundreds of new restaurants opens in different cities of Pakistan. In Pakistan, we can categorize restaurants as 1 star, 2, star, 3 stars, 4 stars, and five stars depending on the service of the restaurant. No matter you are visiting a 1-star restaurant or a five-star restaurant you must have to know how to order your food properly. Ordering food in a heuristic way will help you to get better services and better food in Pakistan. So, you must have to check the basic tips for ordering food in any restaurant in Pakistan.

Food Ordering Tips in Pakistan

The restaurant industry of Pakistan is growing day by day because people love to visit restaurants. It has become a sign of class to dine out with friends and family. People always visit restaurants and update their statuses and check-ins to show their community that they are going out with people. Sometimes people are just showing off while sometimes they are really in need of socializing. For example, if a business person updates his/ her status on regular basis then it seems that he attends a lot of meetings and for this he/ she choose restaurants. Currently, we are not talking about socializing or dining out with friends or family but we are talking about the basic tips to order food in Pakistan. So, if you want to order your food wisely then check the basic tips which are as follows.

Food Ordering Tips in Pakistan

Ask for the Specialty:

Believe me, you are not going to judge any restaurant that what is the specialty of the restaurant but if you will ask any waiter about specialty then he/ she will surely let you know about the specialty of the restaurant. It is wise to eat the specialty of the restaurant because they are good at making that specific dish. Sometimes, it also happens that you will only get that specific dish from that particular restaurant and will never get it again from any other place. For example, If you are visiting Lahore and went to Ilyas Truck Adda. When you will check their menu, you will find a large number of dishes. It is not easy to decide what to eat but if you ask the waiter to tell you about the specialty then he will surely help you to choose the dish.

Ask For Deals:

Restaurants offer deals to their customers provide special discounts to their customers. Sometimes, they offer deals to let their customer try more than one dish at the price of one. In both cases, if you will order the deal then you will surely be in a win-win situation. Some restaurants in Pakistan mention the deals on their menu while others don’t mention them on their menu. If you will not find any deal on the menu then it is your responsibility to ask for the deals. Because sometimes ordering deal can save your money and will help you to eat more in less price. So, when you are visiting any restaurant in Pakistan, always ask for the deal.

Ask the Ingredients:

It has become fashionable to give unique names to dishes in Pakistani restaurants. Sometimes they give a lucrative name to a simple common dish and when your order will be on your table you will regret your decision. So, if you don’t want to regret your decisions that you need to ask for the ingredients before ordering any dish. For example, a restaurant has mentioned a dish White Rice served with a curry of Lentil seed and chickpeas topped with carrot and mango pickle and mint sauce. If you are wise enough to understand the name of the dish then they are serving simple daal chawal. So, if you order by seeing the name of the dish then you will surely regret your decision. Always ask the waiter to explain the dish that you are going to order.

Ask For the Quantity:

Sometimes it happens that a dish is enough for 3 to 4 persons. You are ordering for the first time and you don’t know how much quantity will be enough for you.  In this situation, it happens that you may order more food than your requirements. It is wise to ask the waiter to tell you about the serving size of that dish. So that you can never order more than your requirement because you don’t want to waste your money as well as your food. Let me explain with an example. If you will order Sobat Dish that it is enough for 3 to 4 persons. But you haven’t tried this dish before and don’t have an idea of this dish. You are four persons and you order 2 Sobat which is more than your requirements. This is the reason that you must ask quantity before ordering.

Do Restaurant Have Card Option?

In Pakistan, there are still some 3 star and 4-star restaurants which are not accepting money through the card. Sometimes it happens that you will order something and after eating when it’s time to pay your bill you will not be able to pay it through the card. So, it is wise to ask about the card payment before ordering your food from any restaurant. But most of the restaurants have adopted this card payment method in Pakistan.

These are the simple Food Ordering Tips in Pakistan that you must consider while ordering food. These tips will help you to eat the best food from any restaurant. Further, you will be able to get a special discount if you will ask them about their deals. Deals are the best way to get discounts from any restaurant in Pakistan. Further, if you will ask about the ingredients of the dish or ask the waiter to explain the dish then you will never regret your decision that you will make to order any dish. Likewise, the serving size must be asked before the order because it will help you to understand how many dishes are enough for you.

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