Assuming you are feeling exceptional cravings for food, however, need more cash to purchase from a marked drive-through eatery close to you. Then from here, you will come to know about Street Food Under 50 in Pakistan. If you can’t bear to pay for some costly desi food like chicken Karahi, then, at that point, there is no compelling reason to stress by any means. You have a lot of road food varieties choices to satisfy your appetite. Just advance toward the closest chowk or have a look in the road, you will wind up finding as numerous as more than best street food.

Street Food Under 50 in Pakistan

These are the food varieties you can get your hands on while being in a close area to where you are. Here we have shared the food of all major cities of Pakistan. No matter we are talking about Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad. The only thing that does matter is all the food is available under RS 50.

Food Under RS 50:

Yes, Here we will describe only those food that you will find under RS 50. Address and the price will also be shared here. If you are craving tasty food then you can also have them at a very lower rate.

Nan Tikki Roll:

Have you have tried Nan tiki roll? If no then it is time to have the tasty Nan tikka roll from Alpha theater. Only in RS 30, you will find the tasty roll prepared with the nan Tikki and some kind of spices they added to make it tasty.

nan tikki roll

Bengali Samosa:

There are a lot of samosas available in Pakistan. Usually, you will get many types of samosas in Pakistan. From chicken to vegetable and even simple potato samosa. Now you will also have the tasty Bengali samosa in only RS 20 to 30. See the tempting images of the Bengali samosa from the below side.

Bengali Samosa

Channa Chat:

As you have already eaten the chana chat in Pakistan. Chana chaat is a tasty, tangy, and easy variety of chaat, this can be eaten as a snack made with white chickpeas. These chana chats have tasty spices, herbs, onions, tomatoes, and lemon that make them tastier. See the images of the chana chaat from here.

chana chaat

Fry Nan:

Have you guys ever tasted fry naan? If no then Fry nan is the special item of Jail road Lahore. Just visit Lahore and then have the tasty fry nan under RS 50.

fry naan

Beef Burger:

Is there any good food to have in under RS 50? Yes, we are talking about the beef burger. In Karachi, you will find the tasty beef burger only in RS 50. As the tasty and tempting burger is available on the streets.

beef burger

Daal Chawal:

Now it is the time to have to Daal chawal because the tasty daal chawal is now available in RS 50. From any of your food carts that are offering tasty daal chawal, you will have it.

daal chawal

Vada Pav:

An Indian dish that is newly introduced in Pakistan named Vada pav can be tasted only in RS 40. From different places, you will get a different style of vada pav. All of these are available at a very reasonable cost.

Vada Pav In Lahore

Libra Naan:

Have you ever listened about libra naan? Yes, it is a special item of Faisalabad. A kind of naan that is only eaten with chany. This kind of libra naan is also only in RS 50.

Panda Restaurant Bahawalpur

Andy wala Burger:

All people favorite andy wala burger. A burger that have anda tikki and simple bun. Usually, people just eat these kinds of burgers at any time of night from any of the street corner food carts.

andy wala burger

Naan Pakora:

There is no best tasty item than nan pakora. Yes, we are talking about the great combo of nan and pakora. These two things have better taste together.

naan pakora

Weird Food in Pakistan

Now it is the place from where you will come to know about Street Food Under 50 in Pakistan. Food is the basic thing and the people of Pakistan just have plenty of items. Tasty food items and available at a very lower rate are the best thing that you will come to know from here.

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