We always focus on the best food in Pakistan but today we are going to share some Weird Food in Pakistan. People from Pakistan love to eat these bizarre foods but when an outsider came to Pakistan he/she hesitate to try these things. Trying new things is fun and you also have to try these bizarre foods and you will surely fall in love with the taste of these strange foods. We have shared some of the weirdest street food of Pakistan that we dare you to try once in your life. So, let’s have a look at the strangest dishes in Pakistan.

Weird Food in Pakistan

Sometimes it happens that a dish may seem weird to one but others consider it a unique or special dish. We have shared some unusual dishes on the below side but most of them are common dishes to eat in Punjab and Sindh. So, if you are interested to check this list then here is the complete list of bizarre foods to eat in Pakistan.

Strange Food in Pakistan:

People from Pakistan love to eat Halal food but sometimes they ignore the Halal part when it comes to cultural dishes. For example, goat balls are forbidden in Islam but still Pakistani love to eat them because of their health benefits. So, on the below side, we are sharing some strange food in Pakistan.

Kaaporay (Goat Testicles):

Kaaporay is one of the most favorite dishes of Pakistani when it comes to local or street food. People love to eat Kaaporay especially on Eid ul Adha but in cities like Lahore and Karachi, they eat Kaaporay on regular basis. So, next time when you are considering goat balls as waste, think of those who love to eat these goat balls.

Weird Food in Pakistan

Zabaan (tongue):

People from Pakistan eat Zabaan for breakfast and consider it one of the delicious things to eat in breakfast after mutton and beef trotters. They usually eat beef tongue because it is velvety in texture and can easily consume.

Zuban ka Salan

Mundi Salan (Goat Head Curry):

People also eat Mundi Salan for breakfast and lunch and in some parts of Pakistan, they also eat it for dinner. This is basically a whole head of goat that is being served with a special curry. This head contains the brain of the goat, tongue, cheeks, and much more, and it is on you to eat a specific part of the head or not. Some people consider it as one of the most delicious food while other consider it as weirdest food in Pakistan.

Weird Food in Pakistan Mundi Salan


People from Pakistan and India love to eat Katakat at dinner. Let us tell you what exactly katakat is. It is basically the combination of goat kidney, heart, balls, and brain. They make it on a hot plate and mash it very well and cook in steam and different spices. The taste is not as bad as most people consider but still, it falls on the list of Weird Food in Pakistan.

Weird Food in Pakistan Katakat

Panjay (Chicken Feet):

Pakistani usually eat Panjay for health benefits and they have certain health benefits usually in winters. Different people have different styles to consume Panjay or Chicken feet. Some people make Panjay curry while others make Panjo ka Soup. People also eat Panjay in breakfast with rice in different areas of Pakistan especially in Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi.

Weird Food in Pakistan Panjay

Weird Pizzas in Pakistan

So, these are the Weird Food in Pakistan and if you know any other food that you consider as weird food then, you can do comment. We will surely update that food in this list too. We have also shared weird pizza in Pakistan that you can check from here or from the main page of this website.

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