Hey, guys have a look at the fries factory Faisalabad menu. This restaurant thinks that fries could be the best possible thing that can happen to a potato. The main course and the special deal of this restaurant only revolve around the French fries. Today’s kids or even elder ones also love French fries. A lot of junk food is here so don’t waste your time in the search of other restaurants when you have the best one in front of you. If you are also a junk food lover then you will also visit this place once in your life.

The Fries Factory Faisalabad Menu

The fries factory Faisalabad has a lot of junk food items. They have many types of sausages. Choose your own flavor and then eat the fries with them they also have a red color burger which is really tempting in local and also in taste. Then you will go through the menu you will notice that they have a lot of burger and fries items for you. Even the food items are like the western food items but their prices are really very low. If you don’t want to sit in the restaurant then you can also take your order and enjoy the food at your home.

The Fries Factory Burger Menu:

As the fries factory not only have burger they also have the burger menu. So have a look at The fries factory menu below and select your favorite one because they have a lot of burgers. One of the best items of their burger is a red burger, look that how mouthwatering and tempting is in looking.

The fries factory Burger menuThe fries factory Burger menuThe fries factory Burger menu

The Fries Factory Fries Menu:

The main course of the factory fries Faisalabad menu is French fries. Have two to three types of fries they have. Some are straight and some are curly and some are street style. So the choice is yours select your favorite sausage and try the fries.

The fries factory fries menuThe fries factory fries menuThe fries factory fries menu

Contact Number:

So here is the contact number of fries factory Faisalabad menu, call at this number and order the food at your doorstep.



The mall of Layalpur, harianwala chowk, Faisalabad Faisalabad, Pakistan-38000


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