We know that everyone has a question on their mind and that is why sometimes Rs 200 is better than Rs 2000 burger? So for them, we are here to tell you that why you can prefer RS 200 burgers to RS 2000 burgers. As we all know that the burgers are the favorite junk food of all generations. No matter you are a kid or an older person. Everyone loves to eat the burger. That’s why in Pakistan you will get thousands or even millions of cafes that offer burgers with different kinds of sausages. For uniqueness, some use the color bun bread and some use different kinds of meat. And the other use many types of sausages to make the best burgers. So it doesn’t matter which kind of burger are you eating the only thing that does matter is the burger.

Sometimes RS 200 is Better than RS 2000 Burger?

So there are many brand conscious people that will love to eat the branded burgers. And the branded burgers are sometimes expensive burgers. But some only love to eat the burgers no matter from which brand they are purchasing the burger. Now we will tell you that why the less expensive burgers are better than the expensive burgers. Check out the comparison from the below side.

Why Sometimes RS 200 is Better than RS 2000 Burger?

  • VOM (Value of Money):

Talking about the value of money customers only want to spend the money on that food that is worthy for them. So when we talk about Burgers we can say that usually, every burger uses the same things no matter it is expensive or less expensive. Burger buns, Lettuce chicken, mutton, and even any of the meat are the main ingredients of the food. So guys how you can spend the 2000 rupees for a burger when you get it in 200 rupees.

  • No Regrets:

If you will eat a 200 burger then you will not have any sort of regret, if the burger is not tasty. But if the taste of the burger is not good then this will totally be a waste of money. Regression of customers is the biggest loss of loyalty. That’s why the customers prefer to eat the cheap burger or the less expensive burgers.

  • Fewer Expectations:

When the customers know that they are paying less so they have also less expectation. That’s why they choose the less expensive burgers when they have to choose from the expensive and the cheap burgers list. Because when a customer pays a huge amount for a burger then they also demand or even expect many things. And when they know that they have to pay less so don’t demand anything more.

  • More in Less and Less in More:

Usually, a customer will get the same things when they order a burger. Like the ingredients are same and the extra things that they give are also same. With fries and a burger in 200 rupees is more preferable than the same things in 2000 rupees. So the phenomena more in less amount are best than the fewer things in more amount.

  • Easy To Eat:

So guys the only thing you will see when you eat a burger is whether you can eat is comfortably or not. When you will order an expensive burger then they will add up many layers of burger to justify the money. So to eat that kind of burger you all will feel some hesitation. To open a big mouth to eat many layers at a single time will spread the untidiness on the plate. That’s why many people will order the less expensive burger so they can eat easily two or three-layered burger.

A list of reasons is shared here regarding check Why Sometimes RS 200 is Better than RS 2000 Burger? So guys also share your experience or opinions about the same question in the comment section. We will also share your opinions with others. Check out the main page of the website to see from where you will get the less and more expensive food items.

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