Have you ever noticed that in Pakistan you won’t get blue food easily? Today, we are sharing reasons why it’s Rare to Find Blue food in Pakistan. First of all, you need to understand that every color has some psychological effects on humans. Some colors can boost your hunger while others can repel your hunger. That is the reason that most of the restaurants only offer those food items which increases hunger. If we talk about organic food then still you can check that it’s rare to find blue colored fruit. Likewise, in restaurants, they don’t use the blue color in their food. In the below side, we are sharing the reasons for not finding blue color dishes in restaurants.

Why it’s Rare To Find Blue food in Pakistan

Every field has some specific colors that prove beneficial for that particular field. If we talk about the restaurant industry, they mostly use yellow and orange colors because they can intimate your hunger. On the other hand, they don’t use such colors that not stimulate hunger. Following are the reasons that why you will not find blue food in Pakistan.

Why it’s Rare To Find Blue food in Pakistan

Loss Appetite:

Have you ever noticed that restaurants don’t use blue color even the color of their walls, dishes, etc? The reason is that the blue color is considering the less appetite. So, when you present something blue to your customers they may lose appetite. That is why blue color food is not being served in restaurants.

Rare In Nature:

The blue color is very rare in natural foods so when it comes to food, when a customer fined a different thing, he/ she always hesitate to try these things. This is also one of the biggest reasons that most people don’t like to eat blue color.

Toxic Color:

The blue color is basically associated with toxic from ancient times. When a person sees the blue drink he/ she always gets a memory of a movie/drama in which the poison was of blue color. Furthermore, if we talk about real-life then it is obvious that toxics are of blue colors. So, this is also one of the major reasons that blue color should be avoided by restaurants.

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So I hope your question has been answered. So, if you still have any doubt about Why It’s Rare to Find Blue food in Pakistan then you can read the psychology of colors. In a nutshell, the blue color is appetite repellent. Some people associate the blue color with toxic and the last reason is that this color is rare in nature. So, these are the reasons, that restaurants must avoid blue color dishes.

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