Food bloggers are everywhere. They are offering an authentic view of food culture, and are usually experts in their field. However, the internet is a big place, and not everyone has their best interests at heart. Now we will tell you about 5 Reasons You Must Not Trust Food Vloggers. Many people now make money off of YouTube videos where they share cooking techniques or recipes with their viewers. But there is a dark side to these influencers: some of them will sell products on their channels and fail to mention it’s a paid promotion. Here we break down five reasons why you should be wary about trusting these YouTubers who claim to be just trying to help.

5 Reasons You Must Not Trust Food Vloggers

We live our lives through the stories of vloggers. Watch them make recipes in 30 minutes or less, and follow their food adventures around the world. But who are these people behind the recipes? What do they put into their bodies? How much of what they say can we believe? Find out why you should never trust a food vlogger by reading this list of 5 reasons why.

reasons not to trust vloggers

Why You Must Not Trust Food Vloggers:

We all know that food vloggers can be a fantastic source of inspiration and knowledge when it comes to cooking.  You might think that food bloggers are the ultimate health gurus. They make food look easy-breezy, and they never appear to be struggling with their weight. But the truth is, not all food bloggers are as healthy as they seem.

  1. Create Hype
  2. Make it Attractive
  3. Don’t tell the truth
  4. Promote For money
  5. Skip Healthy Side

Create Hype:

Sometimes vloggers just create hype for the food. As some food doesn’t have the taste but when it comes to an authentic source then foodies just trust them. So when we listen about any food from our favorite vlogger then our mouth got water and we want to eat the food. That’s why we should not only rely on vloggers because sometimes their purpose is just to create hype.

Make Food Attractive:

It is for this reason that some people have a hard time trusting food bloggers, who often work in a space that emphasizes the image of the food. Here are a few reasons why you should not trust food bloggers. Many of these bloggers make money by promoting their favorite products on Instagram or YouTube. They try to edit the image and then attach it to their links. So it usually makes others crave that food.

Don’t Tell Truth:

The unregulated world of social media makes it difficult to know what’s real and what’s not. So sometimes it becomes so difficult to trust those who are our favorite ones. Because they got money while making the reviews of the food. That’s why they just tell a lie while promoting food just for the sake of money.

Promote for Money:

As vlogging has now become a profession. So when it comes to the real reviews then there are only a few people that just tell the real side of their reviews. Some reviews of the food are just for the sake of money so they hide the truth about the taste and healthiness of the food.

Skip Healthy Side:

Usually, vloggers hide the food healthiness while telling about the food. These blogs tend to be monetized with affiliate links, making them even more unreliable. So just don’t trust what you see. Because everyone is not speaking the truth.

Don’t Be Fool Order Wisely

Here we have tried to cover up the 5 Reasons You Must Not Trust Food Vloggers. As we want to open your eyes and make your guys realize that everyone is not a real vlogger. If you want to share your reviews with us then just tell us in the comment section.

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