Inspired by trending squid games, Broadway pizza Pakistan came up with an exciting challenge. If you are excited to accept the challenges then make sure to see all the terms and conditions of the Broadway Pizza Challenge. Now that those squid games are over, it’s time for a real challenge. Make sure to enjoy the challenge with your friends. If a total of 3 people can finish the 5 FT Pizza within 30 minutes. They can win a cash prize of PKR 500,000. All the terms and the conditions are shared here.

Broadway Pizza Challenge

Have you ever heard about the largest pizza in the world? Yes, we talking about 5 ft long pizza offered by Broadway. If you still have no idea about what kind of pizza it is then you can see it from the link given below.

Five Feet Long Pizza

5 FT Pizza Slice Challenge:

So, guys if you are ready to accept the Broadway challenge then keep one thing in your mind that this challenge is only available in the Karachi Gulshan branch. If you want to do the challenge then it is about eating the 5 ft long pizza within 30 minutes. And the winner will win a cash price of 5 lac rupees.

Broadway pizza challenge

5 Ft Pizza Challenge Terms And Conditions:

Make a gang of 3 friends who are just good at eating then visit the branch. But before going there you need to book the challenge just 2 days prior. 5 ft long pizza slice is needed to be finished along with crust in just half an hour to win the cash price. The price of pizza has been submitted before the challenge by the customers if they fail to complete this exciting challenge then the money wouldn’t be refunded to them. If you fail to fulfill the conditions then you are straight away become disqualify.

Broadway Pizza Deals Lahore

We have shared here all the details of the Broadway Pizza Challenge. If you want to get more details then you may ask in the comment section. Some other interesting facts about food are also shared here.

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