We always talk about the best Pizza but today we are talking about some Weird Pizzas In Pakistan. In the race of uniqueness, people have started making weird pizzas. Sometimes a new experiment can bring a marvelous dish but most of the time it ended up making a waste. In Pakistan, people follow trends. When a trend came to Pakistan, pizza makers always try to take advantage of that trend by making a similar pizza. For example, the trend of Matka came in Pakistan and people made Matka Chai, Matka biryani, matka Daal Chawal, Matka Soda, and much more. Pizza makers also took advantage of this trend and made Matka Pizza in Pakistan. Currently, we are talking about weird pizzas that you can check from the below side.

Weird Pizzas In Pakistan

Pizza is basically an Italian dish and when it came to Pakistan, Pizza lost its originality. In Italy, people love to eat flatbread pizza while in Pakistan they do not like flatbread. Furthermore, they have changed the flavors according to their region. Every Pizza maker wants to become number 1 in Pakistan and for this, they do different experiments on Pizza. Sometimes, people like these newly styled pizzas, sometimes they do not. We have shared some weird pizzas in Pakistan that you can check from the below side.

Strange Pizzas in Pakistan:

Have you ever seen a strange pizza? If not then, you can check the list of strange pizzas in Pakistan from here. We have prepared a list of Pizzas that you can consider as the weird pizzas in Pakistan. So, have a look at the below list.

Matka Pizza:

The first and the weirdest pizza is Matka Pizza. As you know the trend of Matka took over Pakistanis and they put almost every dish in Matka. So, how Pizza makers can stay away from this trend? A Pizza maker from Lahore took the advantage of this Matka trend and made Matka Pizza. Although people are loving this but still a weird thing to try.


Pizza Cone:

Cones were associated with ice cream and when someone says I want to eat a cone that means he/ she wants ice cream. But now the meaning of cone has changed in Pakistan as there are some restaurants that are serving Pizza cones in Pakistan. So, if you are fed up with regular pizza then you can try these pizza cones. They may look good and taste good but still, some people call it a weird type of pizza in Pakistan.

Cone Pizza

Doremon Pizza:

Doremon is one of the most favorite cartoons of 21st-century kids. They love to watch doremon and when it comes to doremon related products, they also love them. So, a restaurant in Multan has decided to capture this market by making a pizza for doremon lovers. They are making unique pizza with doremon face. Although it’s the favorite pizza of kids still we are ranking it as the third weirdest pizza in Pakistan.

Weird Pizzas In Pakistan Doremon Pizza

Chocolate Pizza:

The main ingredients of any pizza are Cheese, bread, and pizza sauce, and when a dish lack one of these then it is not pizza. As I already mentioned that people do experiment with pizza to make it one of the best dishes in Pakistan. A bakery in Lahore has introduced chocolate pizza for pizza lovers. Although it is not pizza still people eat it in the name of Pizza. So, if you are looking for a sweet treat then you can try this chocolate dish but do not consider it as pizza.

Chocolate Pizza

Pizza Flavours In Pakistan

We have shared some Weird Pizzas In Pakistan. If you know any weird pizza that is not mentioned in the above-given list then, you can share through comments. We will surely update this list as soon as possible.

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