When it comes to burgers, there are many places in Faisalabad which are claiming to provide the best burgers in Faisalabad. Every restaurant that claims that they have the best burgers is not true because most of them even don’t know how to make a perfect burger. Making burgers is an art and not every person who is making burgers is an artist. For example, if we talk about smash beef burgers then a burger maker or chef must know that which type of cooking will increase its taste. Depending on the type of meat, you can cook it as medium rare, medium well, or well done. There are some restaurants in Faisalabad that are not only taking care of this thing but also taking care of the other ingredients that can increase the taste of a burger.

Best Burgers in Faisalabad

So, if you are looking for a perfect place to eat a perfect chicken or beef burger then, you can check the list of restaurants that are offering the best burgers in FSD. You can visit any of the below-given restaurants to try the best and juiciest Chicken and Beef burgers in Faisalabad.

Which is the Best Burger in Faisalabad?

If you are looking for the best burger in Faisalabad then you can check the below-given list and can decide to visit any of the below-given restaurants. These restaurants are offering the juiciest chicken and beef burgers that you will surely love to eat.

  • Godfather Burgers Faisalabad
  • Hardee’s Faisalabad
  • Burger Lab Faisalabad
  • Dr. Saucy
  • Burger Bites
  • Smart Kitchen 41
  • De Grill House
  • Burger King
  • Gyro Faisalabad
  • Sam’s Fried Chicken and Burgers

Godfather Burgers:

There are different international burger stations in Faisalabad but still, no one can beat the Godfather in taste. This place is offering the best beef and chicken burgers that you can order by checking the complete Godfather Faisalabad Menu. So, if we say which is the number 1 brand for beef burgers in Faisalabad then Godfather falls on the number 1 place.



Hardee’s Faisalabad has a complete range of chicken and beef burgers for burger lovers. As you know Hardee’s is an international restaurant which is offering one of the best burgers not only in Pakistan but also in other countries too. So, if we talk about the Hardee’s Faisalabad Menu then you can check their full menu with prices from here. No doubt, their beef, and chicken burgers are the juiciest burgers in Faisalabad.

Hardees Eid offer

Burger Lab:

After the huge success of Burger Lab in Karachi and Lahore, this place has also opened its branch in Faisalabad. No doubt, this place is also offering the best chicken and beef smashed burgers with a variety of sauces. So, if you are interested in Burger Lab then you need to check the complete Burger Lab Faisalabad Menu from here.

Burger Lab Faisalabad Specialty

Dr. Saucy Faisalabad:

If you are looking for the biggest burgers in Faisalabad then you can visit Dr. Saucy Faisalabad because they have the biggest burger in town. This place is offering premium burgers with premium sauces that you will surely love to eat. Basically, this brand was originated from Wazirabad and after huge success in Wazirabad and Gujranwala, it has also opened its branch in Faisalabad too.

Dr Saucy Faisalabad

Burger Bites:

When it comes to the best and local burgers in Faisalabad, you can visit the Burger Bites Faisalabad to try their special burgers. They have more than 20 burgers that you can try. Apart from burgers, they also have a variety of sandwiches and pizza too.

Burger bites Faisalabad Menu

Smart Kitchen 41:

This place is not as famous as other burger stations in Faisalabad but still, it is offering the tastiest burger at very economical prices. This place is not offering beef burgers but offering the best chicken burgers. One of the most famous burgers of this place is Pizza Burger which really tastes good. For a complete Smart Kitchen 41 Menu, you can visit this page.

De Grill House:

Do you know that the De Grill house Faisalabad also falls in the list of best burgers in Faisalabad? This place is also serving a variety of chicken and beef burgers with different sauces which makes it one of the best places to visit in Faisalabad for burgers.

De Grill House Menu Prices 4

Burger King:

You may wonder to see burger king at the end of the list but yes this is right that the above-mentioned burger stations are offering better burgers than burger king Faisalabad. The reason is that people compare the quality, quantity, and variety of burgers. When it comes to burger king, they have the quality but their burgers are not as big as the burgers of other places. Furthermore, the above-given list is prepared on the result of a short survey from a selected sample size. So, the result may be changed if we change the sample size.

Burger King Eid Offer

Gyro Faisalabad:

The Gyro Faisalabad is also offering the best burger. The specialty of this place is their special Pizza burger in which they use pizza instead of a bun. Asides from this, you can also try their special zinger burger, Tikka burger, and much more.

Gyro Faisalabad

Sam’s Fried Chicken and Burgers:

The native of Faisalabad loves to eat local burgers for two reasons including their quantity and taste. When it comes to local burgers, they better understand the taste of their customers and provide an authentic burger according to their taste. That is the reason that 8 out 10 people prefer Sam’s Fried Chicken and burgers over Burger king.

On the above side, we have shared the list of restaurants offering the Best Burger in Faisalabad. There are also many other places where you can visit to try a mouth-watering burger. You can also give suggestions through comments and we will surely mention your burger in this list.

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