Those who are looking for the Faisalabad Famous Food can get the complete detail from here. Faisalabad is also one of the fastest-growing food hubs in Pakistan. In Faisalabad, there are different local and international food places where you can visit to find the best food. There are also some places which are offering the best desi food for many decades. From a famous drink to snacks, and snacks to a complete meal, we have shared the complete detail of every famous food of this city. So, check the below side to get the complete details of the famous food of Faisalabad.

Faisalabad Famous Food

Before moving to Faisalabad food, you need to know about this city. This is one of the oldest cities of Pakistan formerly known as Lyallpur. It is the third most populated city in Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore. This city is also famous for its local food. People love to visit this city because there are some hidden gems that foodies will surely love to explore.

 Best Food of Faisalabad:

So, on the below side, we are going to share some of the best food of Faisalabad. In Faisalabad, you can find a variety of food including desi, local, Italian, continental, Afghani, etc. We will enlist every best food no matter it is local food or Chinese or Italian. So, have a look at the below side to check the best foods of Faisalabad.

Lassi From Bengali Lassi Faisalabad:

The Lassi is a famous drink from Punjab but it is not compulsory that only Punjabi can make the best lassi. One of its examples is Bengali Lassi Faisalabad as the owner of this place is a Bengali. This place is located near Clock Tower in Montgomery Bazar road. You can find a variety of Lassi from this place and it is a must-try item from Faisalabad. So, if you are visiting Faisalabad then you need to visit Bengali lassi Faisalabad.

Bengali Lassi

Nali Nihari from Pehlwan Nihari House:

If you are a desi food lover especially a nihari lover then nothing is better than Pehlwan Nihari Faisalabad. This place is offering a variety of Nihari including beef and chicken but if we talk about their specialty then you can try their special Nali Nihari. You will only find Nali Nihari if you will visit this place before 8 30 in the morning otherwise you will not be able to try this special Nihari from Faisalabad.

Pehlwan Nihari Faisalabad

Chicken Pulao From Tariq Pulao:

The true rice lovers can tell that there is no competition of Tariq Murgh Pulao Sargodha Road Faisalabad. This place is located on Sargodha Road near the allied hospital and serving one of the best pulao in town. The best thing about Tariq pulao is that it tastes like home.

Tariq Murgh Pulao Faisalabad 1

Chacha Samosa D Ground:

When it comes to snacks in Pakistan, Pakistani love to eat samosa and Dahi Bhally. You can find both the best quality Samosa and Dahi Bhaly from Chahcha Samosa D Ground. It is one of the most famous places in Faisalabad and doesn’t have any other branch in Faisalabad. So, if you want to try this special samosa then you need to visit Chacha Samosa D Ground Faisalabad.

Chacha Samosa D Ground

Breakfast from Rawayat Restaurant:

When you are in D Ground Faisalabad then you can never miss Rawayat Restaurant. This place is offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In Breakfast, you can find the best Chaney, Nihari, and Halwa puri from this place. Whereas in dinner, you can find the best tikka from this place.

Rawayat Restaurant Faisalabad

Daal Makhani From Hazara Hotel:

Another famous place for desi food in Pakistan is Hazara Hotel. There are different branches of Hazara hotel in Faisalabad and all of them are offering the same taste and same quality. So, if you are visiting Hazara hotel then you need to try its special Daal Makhani. No one can serve better Daal Chana than Hazara hotel in Faisalabad.


Hazara Hotel Faisalabad

Karahi From Food Center Restaurant:

The best chicken and mutton karahi can be found from Food Center restaurant Faisalabad. This famous place is located near the clock tower and you can visit this place during the night to try one of the best Karahi in Faisalabad city.

Food Center Faisalabad

BBQ From Baba Tikka Shop:

Do you know that Baba Tikka Shop Faisalabad is offering one of the best BBQ in this city? If no then you need to visit this place to try their special BBQ. Baba Tikka Shop Faisalabad is offering a variety of BBQ, kebabs, Karahi, and much more. So, next time if you are near D ground, you can visit this place to try their special BBQ.

Baba Tikka

Daal Chawal From Munna Daal Chawal:

When it comes to Faisalabad Famous Food then Munna Daal Chawal also comes to the mind of foodies. So, if you are also a foodie and looking for something desi and special then you can visit this place to try their special chicken daal chawal.

Munna Daal Chawal

Pathora From Almadina Food Center:

Choley Pathora is one of the best dishes from India. This widely accepted dish is also being served in Faisalabad city too. If we talk about the best Pathora in Faisalabad then you can visit Almadina Food center to try the best Halwa puri or Chanay Bathory.


Ice Cream From Chagi 25:

When we are mentioning other food items then how can we forget about ice cream? In Faisalabad, the best ice cream can be found from Chagi 25. So, if you are looking for economical but best ice cream in Faisalabad then you can visit Chagi 25 Faisalabad.

Chagi 25 Faisalabad

Steak From Portobello:

We are not only sharing the best local food from Faisalabad but also listing the best American, Italian and other cuisines too. When it comes to the best Steak in Faisalabad then you can visit Portobello Faisalabad to try a special beef steak.

Portobello steaks

Beef Burger from Burger Lab:

In Faisalabad, there are different burger options available for foodies including Hardee’s, burger king, and many others but it is better to visit burger lab because they have the best burgers for you. You can try Burger Lab Faisalabad‘s special beef burgers or chicken burgers.

Burger Lab Faisalabad Specialty

Chinese From Red Dragon:

Those who are looking for the best Chinese in Faisalabad can visit the Red dragon restaurant Faisalabad to try special Chinese. This place is offering authentic Chinese food that you will surely love to eat from this place.

Red Dragon

This is the complete detail of Faisalabad Famous Food items. If you know any other place that you think must be in this list then do comment. We will surely update this list as soon as possible.

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